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Terms of Use Site

Legal Information

General Conditions for using the emporioberti.it website

Welcome to www.emporioberti.it.
Access to and use of www.emporioberti.it are subject to the following General Conditions of Use.
Access to and use of this website and purchase of products on www.emporioberti.it imply that you have read, are aware of and accept these General Conditions of Use.

Items purchased on www.emporioberti.it are produced and sold directly by:
Coltellerie Berti S.r.l. ("COLTELLERIE BERTI")
based in Italy Via della Resistenza 12 - 50038 Scarperia (Florence)
Registration with Companies Register of Florence No. 27847, Tax Code and VAT No. 01582320485
Share Capital 115,000.00 euros entirely paid out
Sales policy
COLTELLERIE BERTI's policy for online sale of its products over the website www.emporioberti.it involves sale to “end users” only, meaning individuals who use www.emporioberti.it for purposes not related to their commercial, business or professional activities.
If you are not an end user, please do not use www.emporioberti.it to purchase our products. Those who are not end users are asked to write to trade@emporioberti.it.
Useful information
To find useful information, first take a look at:
Before buying, you can take a look at:
After buying, you can take a look at:
At any time during the purchase, you can see what you have in your shopping cart by clicking on:
If you have suggestions or need help or information, write to:
or to:
Remember you can always phone COLTELLERIE BERTI, the number is (0039)
Website updates
COLTELLERIE BERTI may change or simply update these General Conditions of Use, in whole or in part. Changes and updates to the General Conditions of Use will be made known on the Home page of www.emporioberti.it as soon as they are made and will be binding as soon as they appear on the website in this section.
Visit this section frequently to find the latest and most up to date General Conditions of Use of www.emporioberti.it . Should you not agree, in whole or in part, with the General Conditions of Use of www.emporioberti.it, please do not use our website.
Responsibility deriving from use of the website
Please remember you alone are responsible for using www.emporioberti.it and its contents. COLTELLERIE BERTI cannot be held liable for any use of the website or its contents which does not comply with current laws by any of its users, except for COLTELLERIE BERTI's liability for tort and gross negligence.
Especially, you alone are responsible for providing incorrect or false information and data, or information and data of third parties without consent by the latter and also in case of improper use of the same.
Finally, since any kind of material will be downloaded or obtained otherwise by using the service on the decision and at the risk of the user, any liability for any damage to computer systems or data loss resulting from such operations will fall on the user and may not be assigned to COLTELLERIE BERTI.
COLTELLERIE BERTI denies any liability for any damage due to services on the website being inaccessible or to any damage caused by virus, damaged files, errors, omissions, service breakdowns, deletion of content, problems associated with network, providers or phone and/or internet communication, unauthorised access, alteration of data, failure and/or faulty operation of the electronic equipment of the user.
The user is liable for keeping and properly using personal information, including credentials allowing him or her to access any reserved services, as well as for any harmful consequence or prejudice which may befall COLTELLERIE BERTI or any third parties due to improper use, loss or theft of such information.
Please read the section on Protection of Privacy which also applies when a user enters www.emporioberti.it and uses its services without purchasing any product. The Protection of Privacy section will help you to understand how www.emporioberti.it gathers and uses your personal data and why.
Intellectual property rights
The contents of www.emporioberti.it , such as, by way of example only, images, photos, videos, documents, logos or any other material in any format, appearing on
www.emporioberti.it, including graphics, colours, layout of products, the design of the website belonging to www.emporioberti.it, are protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right of COLTELLERIE BERTI and of other holders of such rights.
Any reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, of www.emporioberti.it and its contents is forbidden without permission in writing from COLTELLERIE BERTI.
COLTELLERIE BERTI has the exclusive right to permit or forbid direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction, in any manner or form, in whole or in part, of
www.emporioberti.it and its contents.
Concerning how to use www.emporioberti.it, you are only authorised to view the website and its contents. You are also allowed to perform any other kind of temporary reproduction, without economic significance, which is considered transitory or accessory and a full and integral part viewing www.emporioberti.it, its contents and the navigation of the website, carried out only for legitimate use of www.emporioberti.it and its contents.
You are not however permitted to reproduce www.emporioberti.it and its contents, in whole or in part, on any kind of medium. Any action of reproduction must be permitted, from time, by COLTELLERIE BERTI or, if necessary, by the individual authors of articles appearing on the website.
Links to www.emporioberti.it
Those interested in making links to the home page or to other publicly available pages of www.emporioberti.it should write to COLTELLERIE BERTI at marketing@emporioberti.it. This contact is required in order to activate request for permission for hypertext link to www.emporioberti.it. COLTELLERIE BERTI will grant permission to make a non-exclusive link free of charge.
COLTELLERIE BERTI is entitled to oppose activation of direct links to its website if the party requesting a link to www.emporioberti.it has in the past employed unfair business practices or competed unfairly against COLTELLERIE BERTI or should COLTELLERIE BERTI fear that such behaviour may take place in the future, or should the requesting party have carried out in the past or could it carry out in the future actions which cast discredit on COLTELLERIE BERTI, its website or services.
Notice concerning contents
COLTELLERIE BERTI has also taken every precaution to ensure its users that the contents of www.emporioberti.it are accurate and do not contain any incorrect or out of date information, at the time they were published on the website and, insofar as possible, also later.
However COLTELLERIE BERTI does not take any responsibility towards users concerning accuracy and completeness of the contents published by COLTELLERIE BERTI, on its website, except for responsibility in case of tort and gross negligence and unless otherwise provided for by the law.
Continuous operation of the Website
COLTELLERIE BERTI does not guarantee users that the website will operate continuously, without any interruption or error or malfunction due to Internet connection.
Though COLTELLERIE BERTI will try to do everything possible to ensure constant access to the website, the dynamic nature of Internet and its contents might not allow www.emporioberti.it to operate without suspensions, interruptions or discontinuities due to the need to update the website.

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