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Goods and services on demand


Purchase of goods and services on demand.

This page can be used to pay for goods or services required and not expressly provided for in the other pages of the website.

n. 15:40 Buying a point of maintenance.
Obtained a quote to the maintenance (or other services) you need to buy the necessary points to cover the cost.To have the return of the knife without maintenance you will have to buy a point of maintenance and pay the shipping costs.
1,00 €
n. 15:41 Sending cash to Coltellerie Berti
This section can be used to send money,by entering in the basket the amount to be sent.
1,00 €
If you have to send us one of your knife, send it to:

Coltellerie Berti
Via della Resistenza 12
50038 Scarperia (Firenze) - Italia
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