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About us

The work of a sole craftsman.

Signed with his initials.
Confirming his craft and its value.

At Coltellerie Berti,
each knife is the finished work of a sole craftsman.

Whoever starts the work takes it right through to the finishing touches.
This is the essence of the craftsman’s tradition held in the Berti family since 1895, which to this day keeps up the age old tradition
of joy in possessing a handmade knife - fruit of a genuine craft. And from today this tradition will proudly state that each and every knife
at Berti will bear the initials of the craftsman who made it.
A bold declaration of quality and personal craft,which varies from craftsman to craftsman.
No two knives are the same or are made in the same time.
At Coltellerie Berti we are trying to keep up our age old tradition.

Because no one can live without tradition.

Artigiani delle Coltellerie Berti
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