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Calabrese: Regional Italian knife

Pocket knives > Italian regional knives

The Calabrese

Laser cut blade and laser cut spring, Simple spring in the Italian manner, Blade with a mirror finish,

Simple knife handle and simple spring. Despite its name, this knife has nothing to do with the famous knives made in Calabria.

It is suitable for point use as well as cutting.

It was produced in large quantities in Scarperia back in the 1800’s and then exported to Calabria.

Taglio del corno alle Coltellerie Berti
Montaggio del Rasolino Berti
Incisione del logo Berti con laser
01 - n. 29 Calabrese
Pieces for box: 1 - Package size cm. 22x36,1x3,2
Total length of the knife cm. 21,4 - Blade length cm. 9,5 - Weight gr.: 68 - Weight packed knife gr.: 356
Blade: Stainless steel X50CrMoV15 - Handle: Ox horn
Additional description:

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