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Accessories knives With forged blades

Kitchen knives > With laser cut blades

Tools: Magnetica

If it is true that every good cut starts out with the choice of the proper knife,

it is also true that one has to keep them properly in order to preserve their cutting power and nice appearance.
To keep your Berti knives in order, separated from each other,
not mixed up with other objects and easy to identify at once when you need them, you can buy "Magnetica",
a universal magnetic bar which can house five of your knives.
The simplest way to keep your knives and furnish your kitchen.

Taglio degli arrosti con coltelli Berti
01 - n. 3270 Magnetic knife bar (5 knives)
Pieces for box: 1 - Package size cm. 8x34x4
Total length of the knife cm. 0 - Blade length cm. 0 - Weight gr.: 565 - Weight packed knife gr.: 652
Blade: - Handle:
Additional description: Sold without knives - 5 magnets to accomodate 5 knives - Structure il lacquered black wood - cm. 33x5,5x3,5

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70,00 € 112,00 €

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